About Us

Youth Work Resource is a UK based site aiming to equip both paid and volunteer youth workers in their church & schools ministry. Unlike other resource websites YWR doesn’t just have session plans and games but also has useful forms for your youth work and a complete guide to residentials helping first timers plan a successful weekend away.

Site Management

Youth Work Resource is created and maintained by Mark Tiddy. Mark is a youth and schools worker with 10 years experience in youth ministry. Mark trained for 3 years with Oasis obtaining a BA Honours in Youth Work and Ministry and a JNC Level 2.

The History of Youth Work Resource

Youth Work Resource didn’t start off resourcing youth work but started off as a bizarre web project by Mark during sixth form when he created ‘bigfatsmellychicken.co.uk’ which essentially was a place to toy with web design.

In 2006 bigfatsmellychicken became Stand for Christ and began to include the array of youth work resources that Mark had been writing over time along with some photos and a variety of other things.

Finally in 2009 Stand for Christ became youthworkresource.com to suit the sites content much more. Youth Work Resource is always evolving and aiming to be relevant to youth work worldwide.

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