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Unplugged – Session 1 – Unplugged

You will need: paper, pens, a means of playing music, some of the Blob resources (these can be purchased here) and the PDF with bible studies & response cards (download here)

Session Aims – To introduce the weekends theme

To think about the importance of God in our lives


Ice Breaker Give everyone 3 pieces of paper and ask them to write the first song/CD they brought on one (and artist), the latest song/CD they brought and the most embarrassing song on their iPod (their guilty pleasure)

Once the young people have done this collect in the slips and guess who’s songs belong to who (this might be obvious for some of the leaders)

Introduction Explain that we all like very different music…one person’s embarrassing song could be someone else’s favourite…the first song someone else brought could be a song that others have never even heard of and it doesn’t just stop with music…we are all completely different…the bible says that we have all been ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’…we’re not clones but individuals who God has carefully formed but with one common purpose.

Groups Genesis 1 Study & Feedback

Explain God created us to be in a relationship with Him…but Adam and Eve soon got distracted…and mankind ever since has been finding things to distract them from God.

Ask How easy do you find your relationship with God?

(Blob tree)

Explain  Our relationships with God can be really difficult especially when we’re surrounded by so many distractions but we were created to be in a relationship with Him and that is the key point of this session.

Bible Luke 6:16 – ‘Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed’

Explain This weekend is about us getting to know each other more as a group but more importantly about us drawing closer to God. There are lots of times in the bible when Jesus takes time out to spend with God and sometimes we need to escape our busy lives to do just that.

So this weekend try and take some time out to spend time alone…just you and God…maybe go for a short walk (tell a leader first!)…perhaps take some time to talk to one of us about something that you’ve wondered about God….maybe even spend some time just listening for him.

Response Hand out response cards and encourage the young people to fill them in whilst the song plays (Lord I Come To You) and encourage them to really commit themselves to God this weekend.