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Posted on: September 15, 2009

The last post raised the question as to whether you will need a CRB alongside the ISA system coming into play…here’s what the ISA website says (full link)

A check will only show if a person is ISA-registered, which means the ISA has found no known reason why the applicant should not work with children or vulnerable adults. It also means that we will review their status if any new information becomes available. It does not check for malpractice or all criminal convictions, and therefore registration with the ISA does not guarantee that a person has no criminal history.

A CRB check provides a fuller picture of a person’s criminal history and allows employers to make informed decisions as to whether that person is suitable for a particular role or position.

For individuals registered with the Vetting and Barring Scheme, further Enhanced CRB checks will be at the employers’ discretion and organisations may still wish to apply for CRB Enhanced Disclosure to obtain an applicant’s full criminal record. However, where there is a legal requirement to check or they are required by a regulatory body (such as Ofsted), it is envisaged that the existing statutory requirements for CRB Enhanced Disclosures will still apply.