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Youth Work Summit 2014

Posted on: May 11, 2014

Whether you’re a paid or voluntary youth worker taking there is 1 event we highly recommend and it’s happening next weekend!

On Saturday 17th May in Manchester there is the Youth Work Summit. This will be the 5th event of it’s kind and the format is simple: a big exhibition, free coffee and lots of speakers…the catch is that most speakers will only be sharing with us for 10 minutes giving a range of views, opinions and stories in a very concise amount of time.

The line-up this year (alongside the essential Costa Coffee) includes Shane Claiborne, Kenda Creasy Dean, Andy Hawkthorne, Clive Lewis, Rev. Rachel Mann, Duffy Robbins and more!

The format of the Youth Work Summit makes it an incredibly challenging day and great for getting ideas going, challenging your thoughts and hearing inspirational stories.

If you’re not booked in head over to the Youth Work Summit website and get yourself a ticket…or if you can’t make it we’ll be tweeting along here and blogging about some of the issue and topics covered at the event in the coming few weeks.