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Pass The Parcel (with a twist)

  • In advance of this game create a few pass the parcels (prize wrapped in lots of layers of wrapping paper)
  • Under each layer of paper also have a wrapped food item (watch out for allergies). The grosser the better! – Examples could include: baby food, custard that has set, cheese, marmite – If you use anything that needs to be kept refrigerated make sure the parcel is kept in the fridge before the game!
  • Sit the young people in a circle and explain that you’re going to play pass-the-parcel with a twist. When the music plays they pass the parcel round, when it stops a layer is unwrapped by the person the parcel stops with.
  • Explain that there is also something to eat under each layer and they get points for eating it!
  • If the person it lands on eats it then the team gets 3 points, if they pass it to someone else who eats it they get 2 points, if they pass it to their team leader (an adult or young person…your choice) then they must eat it and the team gets 1 point.