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King of the Jungle

  • Sit all the young people in a horseshoe shape facing the middle. The person at one end of the horseshoe is designated ‘king of the jungle’
  • Ask each young person to come up with an animal noise (you can’t have duplicates). The person at the ‘king of the jungle’ position is a lion
  • Go around the group and get everyone to make their noises a couple of times
  • Explain that the aim of the game is to be the king of the jungle. Explain that you achieve this by progressing your way up the horseshoe until you are sat in the king of the jungle position.
  • When the game starts the first person (usually the king of the jungle) makes their noise followed by someone else’s noise (e.g. roar – meow), the person whose noise was made then makes their noise and someone else’s (e.g. meow – quack)…this keeps going until someone hesitates for too long or messes up (you also can’t pass to the person who passed to you). This person then moves to the end of the horseshow and everyone after that person moves up the horseshoe…changing their noise to the noise that belonged to the person whose place their now in. If someone far down the group messed up then only a few people down the circle will change noise, if the king of the jungle messed up then everyone will!
  • After playing the game for a while (maybe set a time limit) declare the king of the jungle at the end of the game the winner.