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Consequence Psalms

Things needed: A4 Paper, Pens, Printed Psalms (23,150,139) and some soft worship music for the background

Introduction: Explain to the young people that this morning we’re going to spend most of the time in worship. Explain that we’re going to briefly look at Psalms and then write some consequence Psalms.

Explain: Psalms is a book of the bible with 150 chapters. Each chapter is a ‘Psalm’. A Psalm is effectively a song so it’s not that different from us having a worship book with things we sing to God and much like our worship songs it’s the words which are important (which is why even though we don’t have the music for all the Psalms we can get a lot out of the words).

Psalms: Have a look at a couple of Psalms – Psalm 23, Psalm 150 and Psalm 139

Activity: Explain to the young people that we are going to be writing some ‘Consequence Psalms’. This means that we are each going to write a line about God…saying what we think of him or something about him…fold over our sheet of paper and pass it to the next person who will add the next line without seeing any of the lines that have gone previously.

Explain that this will go on until everyone has written on each. Point out that there is no time limit and so you can take as long or as short-a-time on each line as you like.

Worship: After everyone has written a Psalm go around and read them out…spend some time listening to each one.

Pray: Pray to finish the session