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Pancakes & Lent

Items Needed: Materials for making pancakes, pans, pre-made pancakes, bible study sheets and matching game (you can download these sheets here)

Arrival: Have some pancakes for people as they arrive

Game: Pancake Toss Relay – In two teams individuals take part in a relay race running with a saucepan tossing the pancake continuously. If they drop it they must pick it up.

Ice Breaker: Did you give anything up for lent last year? If so what?

Ask: Does anyone know what lent is? Why do we do it?

Bible: Matthew 4.1-11 (in small groups – use the studies from the download link at the top of the page)

Feedback: Get the groups to feedback.

Explain: We give up things for lent because when Jesus went into the desert He went without food…this may seem bizarre but people used to give up things to show their commitment to God and there’s lots of examples in the bible of people giving up something to really commit to seeking God for something.

And actually it’s not unusual to give up something to show dedication or achieve something…for example: (use the link up game for these from the downloads)

Answers: Boxer – certain foods to achieve the right weight, athlete – controlled diets and certain exercises, footballer – trains day and night, cook – practices perfecting a meal, band – practices songs, model – chooses food and looks after themselves (Quiz activity based on Lent assembly from – link)

Explain: The point of all this is that we give up things for a purpose and so the things we give up for lent as Christians should be motivated by love for God and a desire to get closer to Him…not all Christians give things up and that’s fine.

So rather than thinking about what it is you want to give up perhaps think about something that distracts you from God…it might be that you decide to give up Facebook and focus that time on praying and reading the bible…it might even be something simple like not listening to your ipod on the way to the bus stop and choosing to pray to God in that time instead….whatever it is use it to deepen your relationship with God.

Share: Invite members of the group to share what they’re giving up if they’d like to

Pray: Pray to finish thanking God for Jesus’ commitment to Him and asking for help with the things we’re giving up over lent.