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Organised Residentials

Sometimes the size of your group doesn’t support a residential, other times you may feel that your young people will get the most out of a time away when it’s run by others. This page has a list of organisations that organise Christian youth residentials.

These camps can be great as they’re run by experienced teams with access to lots of activities. It also gives you a chance to hang out with your young people and get to know them more.

The Oakes – Based in Sheffield ‘The Oakes’ is a 36 room Georgian House with huge grounds. They have a huge range of activities including rafts, ropes, remote control cars, archery and wall climbing.

Yorkshire Camps – Headed up by Andy Peace ‘Yorkshire Camps’ run a range of youth residentials with their experienced team.

Scripture Union Holidays – Scripture Union have been running Christian holidays aimed at children and young people for a long time. There are holidays all over the country with various themes/activities.

Venture Camps – Again, Venture Camps have been running a long time and happen at a variety of places with different themes/streams depending on age and interest.

Spree – Wales – Happening in July this residential is aimed at young people in Wales.

Urban Saints – Urban Saints have a lot of experience of running holidays/camps aimed at young people.