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Useful Forms & Documents

We know how it is…you go to arrange a trip, sleepover or residential and have to make up forms all the time…so here we have some forms for you to download, ammend and use within your work.

We also have some forms which you can use within your Safeguarding/ Child Protection policy regarding the use of Photos, videos, text messages, e-mails and instant messaging services. We hope you find these useful

You can download the forms as Microsoft Word Documents or PDF’s. You need Adobe Reader for PDF’s

GDPR (New data protection laws) come into play in May 2018 and will have an impact on consent forms as you now need explicit consent (not a ‘tick to opt out’). The Church of England’s Parish Resources site has some great guidelines on this. You can find this information here. We have now updated the forms below to comply to this but you will need to make tweaks to them for your organisation in order to make sure they comply with your own policies and procedures.

For consent forms and advice around social media you can also check your local Diocesan (if you’re Church of England) website as they often have lots of great resource under the safeguarding section.

Using Social Networking in Youth Ministry/Work – Sample Child Protection Policy
As times and platforms have changed we have removed this policy. For up to date safeguarding information please visit your denominations website or Thirty-One Eight

Adaptable Consent Form
This is a sample consent form which can be used for youth groups. You can also adapted it to gain separate consent for off-site trips and residentials.
Download: Word | PDF

Contact & Media Use Permission Form
A form allowing you to get permission to contact a young person using various methods and also allows you permission to use photos for promotional purposes
Download: Word | PDF

Contact & Media Use Parental Letter/Policy
A letter to go with our form detailing how contact information will be used and explaining the purpose of having this information
Download: Word | PDF

Youth Work Session Review Form
A simple form to help you review and evaluate youth work sessions/groups
Download: Word | PDF

End of Term Review Form
A simple form to help you reflect, review and evaluate your term with a particular group
Download: Word | PDF

Risk Assessment Form
It’s good practice to carry out a risk assessment for your events, use our form as a template for this
Download:Word | PDF

Youth Worker’s Timesheet
Keep yourself in check with this handy timesheet. Huge thanks to Phil Simpson from Beverley Schools Christian Trust for putting this one together.
Download: Excel