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Thank You to the lovely team over at Fusion for putting this fantastic information together for Youth Work Resource.


73% of Christian students don’t connect to church when they get to university. Thats a shocking statistic. The university years are to be treasured and enjoyed. They are an opportunity to lean and explore new things and they will help you determine the course of the rest of our life. The church family is the most important community to be a part of at university, to encourage and support you.

Fusion have helped prepare tens of thousands of students for their university years. We help students think about the kind of person they want to be at university, and these resources will help you not just survive university but thrive throughout your university years.

The Student Link Up App

Student Link-Up App

Download our FREE Student Linkup app to help you find the perfect church for you at university. It allows you to chat to student workers and church leaders and find out a bit about their church.


and android


The Student Linkup Box £10

Student Link Up Box
  • This £10 box includes four essential preparation for university resources including:The Student Linkup Sessions: four sessions focused around starting university, university culture, opportunities to be found at university and the legacy university can be as a foundation for the rest of your life.
  • Studentscape: a value-based approach to discipleship combining bible studies and practical application
  • The Student Alphabet: a light-hearted and very practical A-Z guide on life at university.
  • The latest copy of our Fuse magazine.

Student Link Up Sessions

The Student Linkup Sessions £5

The Student Linkup Sessions prepares school leavers for their next big life stage at university. The book is creatively designed and practically focused around four areas; The Start, The Culture, The Opportunities and The Legacy. This preparation is key to your personal and spiritual growth at university; taking some time to work out who you want to be during your time at university, what God wants to say to you and what your values and priorities are before you get to university is an invaluable place to start. It can be read as an individual or in a group as part of a preparation for university course. The Student Linkup Sessions are also available as part of The Student Linkup Box.


Let’s party like Jesus

Break a leg…literally

Bottling it

Together, not alone

 Resources & Downloads from Youth Work Resource


Money – A session exploring money for university preparation


A selection of downloads aimed at students heading off to university,

Ideas for using these resources (from

Cell Group

Why not start up a cell group for your year 13’s from the September when they enter year 13? Year 13 is a busy year so perhaps just keep it as a monthly thing. If you can feed them too that’ll help! Mark has been running a group like this 1 monday a month including a meal (which can be cooked by different church families) from 6:30pm until 8:45pm which gives them enough time to go home and do any work they need to!

Commissioning Service

Why not have a commissioning service for your leavers a few weeks before they head off and encourage the church to be praying for them as they head off on their new mission! You could even present them with a school leaver pack as part of this service.

Meet Up at Christmas!

If you’ve done a cell group before your group head off for University put another in for the Christmas when they first come home…keep in contact via text, Facebook or even in person and encourage them to share their experience with each other.