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Activity Ideas

There are endless possibilities for how to fill time on a residential. Here are a handful of tried and tested ideas. We’ve split them into daytime and evening ideas.

Daytime Activities

A Walk! – Your youth may moan about a walk but really they’ll enjoy it…you might want to make it more exciting by doing some extreme ironing, extreme space hopping or perhaps having done the walk in advance and coming up with a treasure hunt.

Note: It’s advisable to try and do the walk in advance so you know the root. Make sure you have a first aid kit, a map, a mobile phone, drink and biscuits.

Bowling – If you’re close to a town centre you could take the young people bowling…remember to budget this in!

Swimming/The Beach – If you’re close to a pool or a beach this can be a great activity.

Local Attractions – Are there any attractions near to your site you can explore? Check out the local tourist website for your area.

Wide Games – I always find capture the flag goes down really well during a residential. We have other wide games here.

Visit A Town with Challenges – If you’re near a town you could explore the town. You could come up with a treasure hunt/spot the photo game in advance or give the young people the £5 challenge, A to Z scavenger hunt or camera challenge.

Sock Golf – If it’s wet this indoor activity is great fun – Find out how to play and download all the required resources here.

Evening Activities

There’s lots of possibilities for the evenings too!

Quiz – Why not have a big team quiz? We have some here

Wii Sing/Sing Star – Take along a Nintendo Wii or Playstation and have a karaoke competition

Board Games – Might sound a bit naff but can provide some great evening entertainment. You could even have a circuit of board games where players change game every 10 minutes to keep it moving.

Talent Competition – Young people are hugely talented. If you give them warning before the residential many will come along with instruments, card tricks, jokes, dances and more ready to share with your group. It’s great if you can get your leaders included too!

Film & Pop Corn – Take along a few suitable films, take a vote and spend an evening eating pop corn and watching a film!

A Dark Walk – If you’re not doing a walk as a daytime activity why not do a short dark walk? It’s important young people are aware of cars and walk sensibly…I’d also strongly advise you walk this route in advance! Also keep it short.

Sock Golf – If it’s wet this indoor activity is great fun – Find out how to play and download all the required resources here.