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Residentials can be a great event for any youth group, almost any young person who has had an experience of a youth group residential will be able to excitedly repeat the events that took place, events the leaders were aware of and the ones they weren’t!

Residentials can provide a good chance to take a group away from the business of school and college and allow a weekend for them to develop those friendships within the group, a weekend for the leaders to develop their relationships with young people and a weekend away provides a chance to focus on a broader faith topic, allowing more chances for young people to be challenged about their walk with God.

However unless a residential is well planned it can go horribly wrong…there might not be enough food, the site might actually be no where near where you expect, the young people might get bored…the list goes on…

Many people are put off running residentials because they can seem like such a big task but in reality they don’t have to be that difficult!

For this reason we have put together this area of the website, it is designed to give you ideas for budgeting and planning, alongside helping you think about promoting it. We have provided some mock-up leaflets, forms and medical forms which have actually been used by myself to run successful youth group weekends away. We have also put together a rough guide to budgeting and some ideas of activities for you, we hope this section helps you.

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Pre-Organised Residentials – Don’t feel up to running your own…check out our guide to pre-organised ones for you and your youth groups.

Why Run A Residential?


Types of Residential

Residential Budgeting

Booking A Site

Find A Residential Centre

Promoting Your Event

Planning A Timetable

Managing The Food

Activity ideas

Content Ideas – Teaching material suggestions