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Practicalities – Start Here

Before you book a residential, promote it to your young people, pack your walking boots and head away there’s some things you need to consider.

Church Permission – It’s worth getting permission from your church leadership team. They will need to underwrite it and pay things like your bookings fees to start with. It’s also worth encouraging them to be prepared to pay for places for young people who can’t afford to go otherwise and leader places (if you’re going on a big residential).

Partnership – Is there scope to run this residential alongside other churches? This can make it easier to fill up and gives you more leaders!

Plan Ahead – Remember to plan ahead. Young people have lots on and so the further in advance you can get the date out the better!

Leaders – Make sure all your leaders have had a CRB check (or equivalent police check according to your churches child protection policy and country’s laws).

Also ensure that you stick to appropriate ratios of adults to young people (see tables below) sticking to the ratios for outdoor activities for the whole event.

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