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Types of Residential

There are several types of residential you can run.

In house – This is one run by you/your church for your church young people. It’s all planned and prepped by you. It can be hard work but allows you to make it fit the young people you have perfectly.

Camps – There are Christian camps run by Scripture Union, Venture Camps and various other organisations. These are all planned for you and you simple have to send your young people on them. These are great for getting your young people mixing with other Christians and enjoying the bigger atmosphere of these events but often don’t provide as many opportunities for the leaders to get to know the young people.

Sleepover – Perhaps you’re not quite up to taking the young people away yet. Why not run an overnight sleepover in your church?

Big Events – Bigger events such as Soul Survivor, Greenbelt or other Christian festivals can be great for young people. Young people tend to come back from these full of passion for their faith. The only downside is that these can be considerably more expensive than an in-house residential and camping can lead to catering challenges!

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