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Why Run A Residential?

A youth group residential can have so many benefits and these benefits can often vary depending on when and where you do the residential. For example a residential in September can help young people moving up into a group to settle in and get to know others, it can also give you a good chance to build a relationship with them.

Another example of the varied benefits could be the style of weekend (for more information see ‘Where to book’), an active weekend full of activities such as Absailing and Climbing can be really good for helping a group to bond, helping them develop team work and also help young people conquour fears and grow in confidence, however at the same time these weekends can leave young people a little too tired to concentrate on more ‘Christian’ aspects but they can work very well.

On the other hand a more relaxed weekend can have slightly more of a relaxed, God-focus. It can give you a chance to chill-out with the young people perhaps playing football or on the beach and at the same time this extra time can give you a chance to help the young people explore their faith further and be challenged in their commitment to God.

All of these reasons which I have briefly touched upon hopefully explain why residentials are a great thing for youth groups, often they provide awesome chances for God to work…being away from the business of life gives you people a chance to focus on Him. At the same time the build up to the residential will get the young people excited, they’ll be buzzing when they arrive and probably be buzzing just as much when they go home!!!

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