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Sock Golf

Equipment: Score sheets (downloads as PDF), tee and hole signs (downloads as PDF), socks (rolled up), pencils/pens, small(ish) boxes or trays for ‘holes’

This is a great game for a large space, house or especially in an usually shaped building.

Sat up 10 ‘holes’ around the building with ‘1st Tee’, ‘2nd Tee’ etc and 10 boxes or small trays labelled 1-10 for the holes. You can have as few or many holes as you like depending on the length of time you wish the game to last. Make sure you set these up so they go all over the place (upstairs, in cupboards, other rooms etc….the more bizarre your course the better).

Having some rolled up socks and invite young people to choose a sock (if you have a variety of socks – sports, 3/4s etc. you can build up the importance of choose the ‘right’ type of sock to play with!).

Young people start at the ‘1st tee’ sign (or spread around holes depending on group size) and hold the sock loosely in their left hand and swing their right hand like a golf club to ‘bat’ their sock across the room. They must stand where the sock lands and repeat the process until the sock ends up in the hole.

Make sure scores are written down, total up the lowest overall score at the end and reward a prize!