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Unplugged – Session 2 – Distorted

You will need: Being John Malkovich DVD or this clip (YouTube Link), the bible study on Kings passage (Download here)

Session Aims – To think about how our lives get distorted

To think about which of those things get between us and God

Introduction – Re-cap on what we looked at last night

So last night we thought about our purpose…our reason for being here and this morning we’re going to think about what stops us from achieving that purpose…what stops us from having a relationship with God as good as it should be?

Ask What is the noisiest place you’ve ever been?

How did you cope with it?

Story Talk about attending a gig with the bass being too loud and not being able to hear the vocals or concentrate on what you’re meant to focus on or a similar experience you may have had.

Video Clip Being John Malkovich – John Malkovich enters his own portal.

Before showing this clip explain that the film is about a portal that allows you to experience what it’s like to be John Malkovich and in this clip John Malkovich enters his own portal.

Explain We can easily fill up our lives with so much stuff that nothing makes masses of sense anymore…we can find that in our business we lose our focus. (There can be so much going on around us)

Ask Who feels like their life is busy?

Brainstorm Write down the things we fill our lives with!

Explain There’s so many things that we fill our lives with it’s so easy to push God aside…to keep putting him off because other things seem to take precedence in our lives

Last night we thought about how Jesus took time out to spend with God and we’re going to look at another passage now in some smaller groups.

Groups 1 Kings 19:11-13 Study

Feedback Get the groups to feedback

illustration Blindfold someone and get everyone to be quiet. Drop a small object and ask them to raise their hand when they hear it drop…repeat the exercise but with everyone making noise.

Explain Perhaps the noise in our lives stopping us from being as close to God as we should be is the amount of stuff we have going on…perhaps we’re surrounded by fires and earthquakes when God is trying to speak to us in a whisper

Perhaps the whisper is less about God speaking quietly but more about us making space to listen for Him

Maybe the noise in our lives has some things in that we shouldn’t be doing…maybe there’s things we need God to change in us…Romans 12 says

‘Do not become so adapted to your culture that you actually fit in without thinking…instead fix your eyes on God…you’ll be changed from the inside out’

Response As a response I’m going to play a song and during that I’d like you to think about the things that come between you and God…maybe it’s not making enough space for him or maybe it’s something you’re doing that you know you shouldn’t be because sometimes our sin can create a barrier between us and God.

Whatever it is that you want God to change come and light a candle as a way of saying to God that you want Him to be a light in your life and that you want Him to help you with the thing that’s distracting you.