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Changing Child Protection – The ISA

Posted on: September 11, 2009

For years youth workers have been screaming at CRB forms because everytime a new role is taken or a new school gone into a CRB form must be completed and a CRB check must be done. This system (in a roundabout sort of way) works, you get used to filling in the form and accept that a new CRB must be done each time.

However all that is about to change

In the next month of so a new system called the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) will come into play and for most this will rid us of having to do a CRB form each time we start something new. From the limited information on this new system (which was originally due to come into play last year) we know that it is basically an online system where you register all your details once and are given a unique ID of some sort, the theory is that this ID is then given to any new employer or voluntary organisation and they can check straight away, without the needs of a CRB and 6 week wait that you are good to work with children and young people.

Although the system comes into play next month it won’t become a legal requirement for another year and a gradual implementation of this system is currently the plan!

Stand for Christ say…

This new system will be great, it will finally get rid of the numerous forms for CRB’s and waiting time until you can actually work with children and young people and will protect children further. It is however important to remember that this isn’t the only child protection system we need in place…alongside it we need to continue to teach our children’s and youth workers about best practice guidelines so they can protect themselves from allegations and know how to look out for signs of neglect and abuse.

What Others Say

Since putting this post online this morning one friend of the site e-mailed to say the following

As you say info is a little sktechy about how this will all work but info is coming out from them and im not sure your conclusions about how this will affect CRB is right. From what Ive read the new ISA system will not replace CRB’s, you will still have to do CRB forms but you will also have to be registered. ISA registration provides a yes no on whether you can work with kids. CRB is merely a list of criminal records and does not advise on whether you can employ the person or not. Not saying i have all the info but from what ive read im not sure what you’ve written is right. Hope this comes as helpful not critical.

Hopefully we’ll gain a clearer idea of what the whole system will mean with regards to CRBs in both the short and long term soon…in the meantime the advice is to continue to CRB your leaders and volunteers anyway!