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Coaching in Youth Ministry

Posted on: July 20, 2021

Today’s guest post comes from Dan from 50 Minute Moments, an organisation who specialise in coaching sessions for youth workers. In this blog Dan shares more about coaching and how it can help in your ministry with young people.

Dan runs 50 Minute Moments

Why Coaching?

Collaboration is key for rapid change.

“I think I work faster on my own”
“I think I prefer working alone.”

But in the last 4 years I’ve seen the power in having a sounding board. Not just with a friend who will generally share their opinions as well. But with someone who is trained to ask me the right questions that force me to be honest with myself. So I can see my biases, my filters through which I see the world and the other options I hadn’t thought about. 

Why Coaching? Because asking and answering difficult questions isn’t something we’re built to do alone.

What is Coaching?

I’ve hear numerous definitions of ‘Coaching’ and none have hit the spot for me.

I used to hear about ‘Life Coaches’ and it sounded like confident people preying on the weak.

Once you’ve had a coaching session yourself, you get it (which is why I offer free discovery sessions).

Perhaps the below definitions are helpful. Perhaps not. The cynic in me still reads it as mumbo jumbo. But it is what I’ve experienced myself.

SO come at me.👊
And sign up for a free session here.

Booking a coaching session is saying:

‘I want to see some change’. 
‘I need to understand why this obstacle keeps getting in my way and create a plan to remove it’
‘I want to set goals and achieve them’.

What Happens in a Coaching Session?

1) I’ll ask you what your goal is 🥅  
2) we’ll explore the current situation and context
3) I’ll ask challenging questions and create space for new learning and clarity 👀 
4) we create an action and accountability plan for the week/month ahead

5) let changes begin 🌱
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