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Surprises (Chocolate: Heroes/Celebrations)

Before this activity buy a box of celebrations or heroes and unwrap them in advance and rewrap them in the wrong wrappers (with this activity you need to be aware of allergies especially to nuts if you’re rewrapping a snickers as a galaxy!)

1 – Ask the young people what their favourite hero or celebration is and hand them out. Invite them to unwrap and eat them (some may spot from shape that it isn’t really what they asked for)

2 – As the young people eat their celebration/hero and realise it isn’t what they asked for either repeat the activity or use the discussion questions below.

3 – How did it feel to find that the chocolate you’d really hoped for wasn’t actually what it was?

4 – When in life do you feel like you’ve had something (good or bad) happen that you didn’t expect? How did you react?

5 – Does God ever surprise you with something you don’t expect?

(Suggested bible passage/story: Matthew 6:25-34 (you may want to paraphrase/summarise this depending on your group))