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Prayer – Who Do You Pray To?

Posted on: December 15, 2008

I found this quote written by the editor of on this weeks secrets

My mother has brain cancer. She was diagnosed during the holiday season last year. They told her she probably had two months to live. My mother is sitting in the room next to me, and will be here for the holidays this year.

I don’t believe in god, but I am praying for a miracle for your father. My mom got one.

I find it an interesting quote and it leaves me wondering who he is actually praying to if he doesn’t believe in God. The majority of definitions of prayer at talk use the word petition i.e. ‘to petition for something’ now all this is very well but who are you actually petitioning?

I guess those who don’t pray to God could have an open prayer, not directed at anyone in particular but prayed that in the emptiness surrounding there is someone or something listening out for these prayers of petition and prepared to answer them. I don’t know if I believe God answers prayers not directed at anyone particular but I suspect the answer is similar to the answer to the ‘Does God answer prayer?’ question.

Perhaps God does answer the prayer sent out into emptiness by the athiest in desparation, who knows but either way the PostSecret founder who I quoted at the beginning obviously had a undirected prayer answered whether it’s luck or God I don’t know but it’s an interesting thought…