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Reasons for Parents to be worried about Social Networking

Posted on: March 15, 2013

Guest blog written by Stephanie from The Parent Zone (link)

Social Networking is considered to be the best alternative to many of those who lack good social life in the real world for whatever reason. This, perhaps, is the reason why tweens and teens get addicted to social networks.

Many people on social networks mask their real personalities for the social fame and acclaim and some even hide their identity showing off as someone else they can never be. Tweens and teens are very curious and so, they get trapped by the online monsters and predators as they can’t judge the authenticity.

Moreover, users in that age group are not much concerned about such things. What all they expect is fun and passing the time on the social networks. Because of their curiosity and in a irrational desire to increase the numbers on their friends list, they try and interact with as many strangers as they can.

Social Networking monsters target users from that group as the teens and tweens lack proper awareness about profile restriction settings and hence can be easily trapped.

The ideas such as updating their actions instantly along with locations and companions is the real physical threat while most of them are bullied and threaten about sharing embarrassing things within their networks.

Although parents try out a lot on spying the activities of their children, the children are constantly evolving to satiate their curiosity and the best solution seems to be the open interaction between the parent and their child. This infographic explains about some related stunning facts.

Why Parents Hate Social Networking Sites
The Parents Zone

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