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Religion Without Rules Part 2

Posted on: November 24, 2007

As I commented a couple of days ago on my blog titled ‘Religion Without Rules’ I was wondering whether it was possible to have religion without the rules, ie a Christian faith based on love and a church with an emphasis on love rather than all the naughty things you shouldn’t be doing.

However in response to that I don’t think I was talking drivel however at the same time I think perhaps rather than it being a religion without rules I think it’s more like to be a love-based faith…in fairness whichever phrasing I use for it it’s going to incorporate rules but it’s just the emphasis that changes.

So I don’t think religion can be without rules, I do wonder if those rules can be unspoken rules of love and commitment ie you don’t do something because of love not because it’s been hammered in…however in order for this to work the bible needs to be explored for us to understand what God doesn’t like so one way or another we need to read the characteristics of God and the rules he sets, but rather than taking them as a law take them a a list of things we know hurts God…and when we do that, when we take the emotion of love and put it first in our relationship with God ‘Love the Lord your God’ then I think the rules don’t become rules (i.e. legalistic things we stick to because we’re told to) but the rules become acts of love and devotion, they become things we don’t do because of the love we have for God.

More thoughts on religion without rules may follow…who knows!