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Planning A Timetable

Planning out your weekend is an essential…it’s important to make sure there’s enough going on so that the young people don’t get bored but at the same time important to give them plenty of time to chill out together. Bed times are another big one…it’s important to have a bed time in particular so your leaders can get some sleep. Depending on the activities you have on your residential the young people may be ready for bed earlier or later (depending how active they’ve been!).

I’ve found it very important to have a before breakfast leaders briefing and prayer time, this way all your leaders can be prepared for the day and you can make sure that anything that needs to be discussed is discussed. You may like to use an incentive such as bacon rolls to tempt your leaders along at whatever unearthly hour you choose to meet!

This is a brilliant chance to empower young people who you’ve asked to be ‘junior leaders’, inviting them to a leaders meeting can help them feel part of it…expect moans at early mornings though!

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Sample Timetable

Here is a timetable from a residential I did just to give you an idea… (Note: this timetable assumes you’re having a more ‘laid back’ weekend and that you’re near a beach!)

7pm – Arrive and Set up/unpack/ start cooking
7:30pm – Dinner Time!
8:45pm – Introduction & Session 1
10:45pm – Night Walk or evening activity of your choice
11:30pm – Return, Hot Chocolate & Bed
12am – Lights Out!!!

7:30am – Leaders Prayer & Bacon Sandwiches
8:20am – Optional: Morning Bible Study
8:45am – Breakfast
9:30am – Worship & Session 2
11am – Free Time
12:45pm – Lunchtime!
1:30pm – Beach or Swimming or afternoon activity
4:30pm – Free time
6:30pm – Evening meal
8pm – Worship & Session 3
9:30pm – Optional: Wide Game
10:15pm – Film & Popcorn/Talent Show/Evening Activity
12:15am – Bedtime/ Lights Out

7:30am – Leaders Prayer & Bacon Sandwiches
8:30am – Optional: Early Worship
9am – Breakfast
10am – Session 4
11:15am – Free Time
12:45pm – Lunchtime!
2pm – Pack, Clean etc
3pm – Leave Centre