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Promoting Your Event

The most important thing about your event is to make sure that it is promoted well, there’s nothing worse than finding that no young people come along, so it’s important to publish the date as soon as it’s booked so they can keep diaries free (or rather parents can). I’d advise handing out leaflets and booking forms in advance of up to 2 months and give yourself a cut-off of two weeks before hand.

Make sure you chase people up for forms…have plenty of spares ready to hand to those who have lost them too!

Your leaflet should include…
– A kit list containing everything they need to bring (perhaps mentioning things they shouldn’t bring too e.g. games consoles!)
– An overview of the weekend (you may even wish to list a theme!)
– A blurb for the parents detailing costs, timings of arrival and departure etc
– An all important contact telephone number

It is essential you also include a medical form and a booking form for young people to return…you can find these in our useful forms section (in youth work resources).

All in all it’s good to make sure there is some hype and expectation built up about this event to encourage young people onto it, some may need more encouragement than others (as will the parents) but it’s all well worth it!

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Here’s a sample of a residential leaflet – click to enlarge the images

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