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Looking after others & keeping safe (Wise men)

Items needed: bicycle helmet and our PowerPoint (click to download)

Assembly Aims:        To think about how we can look after each other

To think about how God looks after us

Introduce yourself

Explain – This morning we’re going to be thinking about staying safe and looking after others but first can anyone tell me what this word means (show the danger slide).

Danger means there’s something that might hurt us…it be a sign that we see or we might think of something as dangerous.

Ask if anyone can think of some dangerous things?
(crossing the road, biking without a helmet, rock climbing)

Explain – There’s lots of things around us that can be dangerous…at home our parents might warn us about dangerous things like going near a boiling kettle or touching something hot that’s been in the oven.

A couple of years ago I was working with a group of young people and we all went to a rock climbing tower…has anyone here been rock climbing?

what did you think?

Now when you go rock climbing you can’t just climb up the wall…there are some things to keep you safe…can anyone tell me what they are?

Firstly you have a helmet (produce bicycle helmet) and then you have to put on a harness around your waist and have a rope attached to you as you climb.

But not only do you need a rope attached to you…you need a friend to help you

(Show the picture)

In the picture the man is doing something called ‘b-laying’ this means that he keeps the rope tight as the girl climbs up so that if she falls she just hangs there and is safe…

Rock climbing is a great example of how we can help each other to stay safe…

How else can we help each other to stay safe and look after each other? – crossing the road, walking with friends, help a friend when they fall over or if they’re ill.

Can anyone tell me about when they’ve helped a friend keep safe?

Explain – there’s lots of different ways we can help each other to stay safe and if we’re looking out for each other then our school can be a much nicer place because then everybody care’s for each other.

Bible – In the bible too there’s lots of examples of God helping keep people safe but today I want to tell you about 1 example and that’s the wise men…who can tell me what happened with the wise men?

Story – taken from the children’s bible – the visit of the wise men – Matthew 12:1-12

Explain – God warned the wise men about the danger and kept them, Mary, Joseph and Jesus all safe and God wants to help us stay safe too and so to finish I’m going to pray and if you want to make the prayer your own you can just say ‘amen’ at the end which just means ‘I agree’.


Dear God,

Thank you for creating and loving each of us here today.

Please help us to keep safe in our daily lives and help us to look out for our friends and teachers and help us to keep them safe too.