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Recycling & Our World

Equipment: You will need a bag of items some of which should be recyclable and some not (if you’re using food packets you may provide gloves if they’re empty or use new food packs), you’ll need 2 signs, one saying ‘recyclable’ and one saying ‘not recyclable’, you’ll also need a copy of The Word on the Street Bible for the creating reading or another suitable bible (we liked the version in the Word on the Street because it uses really visual language)

Introduce yourself/what you do etc.

Explain: This afternoon we’re going to be thinking about recycling and I’ve started by bringing a whole load of stuff for us to look at.

Who does recycling at home? At school? What colour is the recycling bin in your town?

Volunteers: Ask for some volunteers to come up and help you sort your things out into two piles ‘recyclable’ and ‘not recyclable’.

Once sorted invite the children to sit down and explore if they’re right.

Explain: There’s lots and lots of things we have that we can recycling whether it’s the tins baked beans come in, the bags we take from the shops or even the bottle we drink our milk from.

Even some things like batteries that perhaps we have in our toys can be recycled if we take them to a special place.

Ask: Why do you think it’s important that we recycling?

Explain: I believe it’s really important that we look after our world because I believe God created it.

Bible: Read the creation story from ‘The Word on the Street’ pages 27/28

Invite the children to close their eyes and picture the scene as you read through it slowly.

Explain: That tells us that God made our world and everything in it, the flowers, the plants, the sea, vegetables, animals and even us and that he gave us the job to look after our world and so it’s really important that we re-use and recycling as many things as we can.

Ask: How can we take better care of our world?

Explain: We might try and recycling more, we might think about whether we need a bag when we go to the shop or if we can carry it or take our own, we might try and buy things that are recycled and we might even try to use less energy at home like turning off the TV when we’re not watching it or using less water.


Lord God, Thank you for our world and all the things in it we enjoy,

Please help us remember that you have asked us to look after it,

Help us think of lots of ways to care for our world and make it a better place,