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Christmas – Reason for the Season

Items needed: Santa costume, Jesus and Santa Video (youtube link) and this powerpoint (Click to download)

Introduction Introduce yourselves & why we’re here!

Video Clip Jesus & Santa

Activity – Judging People

Ask for 3 volunteers. Dress one of them up as Santa and get them to decide if the profile person that appears on screen deserves their presents this year or not.

Explain: [ask the volunteers to sit down] Regardless of what we’ve done and whether we deserve a Christmas present or not the chances are we’ll get one.

Some of you probably already know what you’re getting for Christmas…some of you may have presented those at home with an entire list of things you want and it’s fantastic be be able to receive gifts at Christmas but if that’s all Christmas is then it’s all about us.

Christmas is when we celebrate the arrival of a gift

The arrival of Jesus…God’s son…over 2000 years ago who doesn’t judge us but wants to wipe clear all those bad things we do if we ask  him to….he wants to help us sort out all the bad stuff we do.

[slide wipes out the bad things]

So this Christmas whether you feel like you deserve the gifts you receive or not try and take some time to think about why we actually celebrate Christmas and where it comes from

If you’d like to explore more about Christmas you can come along to Christian Union or talk to one of us later one