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Easter – Sacrifice

items needed: One Egg, Towel, plastic sheet, towels & creme eggs

Note: This assembly is ideally done with 2 people presenting. It also works well if the teacher volunteer is in on it!

Introduce yourselves, what you do etc.

Explain: We’re here this morning to begin to get you in the mood for easter but first…

Ask: I wonder if anyone can define love this morning (take some answers)

Explain: There’s lots of different ways we can describe love…sometimes love is about giving up something so that you can help someone else. It might be that you give up watching a TV show to help your mum with housework or dinner…to show her you love or or you might give up some of your time and effort to raise money for people…how many people gave up time and did something for comic relief?

We call this sacrifice which just means giving up something valuable for something else that’s really important.

Explain: We’ll come back to sacrifice and love in a bit but first we’re going to have a bit of a quiz and there’s a creme egg up for grabs as the prize!

Just to make it a little bit more challenging we thought we’d do a teacher vs student quiz so we need 1 of you guys to volunteer and one of your teachers (pick volunteers).

Explain: The quiz is simple…we have 3 questions for each of you and the person who gets the most right will win a creme egg and the loser will have an egg smashed on their head (we might have forgot to mention that before!).

So first question…

Student Questions

What are easter eggs made of?

What colour is chocolate?

What day of the week is Easter Sunday on?

Teacher Questions

When was the first easter egg made? (early 19th century)

What is *volunteer name*’s favourite kind of chocolate?

What was the date of Easter Sunday in the year 2000? (April 30th)

Explain: Well it looks like we have a winner! (give egg to student and ask to sit down)…now sir/miss if you’d like to kneel down here (get them to kneel on the plastic, put the towel around their neck).

At this point a member of the CU team will step in and volunteer to take the egg…they take the teacher’s place and get egged. (The CU Member needs to do the egging whilst the other presenter talks)

Explain: *volunteer name* didn’t have to take the egg for getting the questions wrong because it wasn’t their punishment but they chose to.

It can be really easy for us to say that we love or care about someone…we might give someone a hug or do something kind for them but are you prepared to sacrifice to help others?

We see examples in the news on a fairly regular basis of people giving their lives for others, we see movies where a hero sacrifices themselves for others and we read books telling stories of people prepared to make big sacrifices for their friends or even people they don’t know.

Just as these people have chose to give up their lives and *volunteer name* chose to be egged Christian’s believe that easter is about remembering Jesus who was killed to take the punishment for all the wrong we do so that if we follow Him we can be forgiven.

Christians believe that Jesus didn’t do anything to deserve his death but chose to die so we could have a relationship with God.

If that’s something you want to think more about or want to talk about then you can always come to chat to us about it.

But as you have time off over easter perhaps think about what easter is about and also where in your own lives you could sacrifice things to benefit others.

Thanks for listening