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Sharing the love…or rather water

Posted on: March 8, 2008

Firstly to those reading this blog and thinking ‘quarter to 3 in the morning…is he mad?’ the answer is no…just stupid…you see I got home about 20 minutes ago however before I went out I’d washed my bedding and put it into the tumble dryer…however it hadn’t quite dried so whilst it dries I am blogging!

So how have I spent my friday night? Well, my house group have been out on the streets of Peterborough armed with bottles of water, trying to get to know people, help out the worse for wear and have some conversations and the result was brilliant.  Yes, some people took the water and left, but others stayed for a few minutes to talk, another guy stayed for half an hour!

For me (and probably all our house group folk) tonight was about being a proactive christian, it was about practically showing our love. I think often drinking culture is something which Christians are quick to condemn (I’ve done it on a previous post) however although we may not agree we are still called to help…Jesus helped out those who’s behaviour I’m very certain he wasn’t happy with (the woman at the well, the Roman soldier etc.) and tonight we did the same…some people didn’t ask why we did it and that didn’t matter, it was about sewing seeds, helping people and worshipping God.

I know a lot of universities do similar things and I can see why after tonight…it’s a great thing to do…and hopefully we’ll get more chances to do this and build up a real profile in the community.

Anyway I’m off to make my bed and sleep…goodnight readers