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Springs Dance Company

Posted on: October 23, 2013

Today our guest blog comes from Nicole Young & the Springs Dance Company. It’s great for us at youth work resource to be able to feature something about their exciting work.

Springs Dance Company

SPRINGS DANCE COMPANY is a Christian-based company with a dynamic group of professional dancers, teachers and choreographers who offer an outstanding programme of workshops, residencies and performances that challenges people’s perspective on life and the way in which we lead it.

Springs Dance Company has being performing in churches, festivals, schools, colleges, universities, prisons, and theatres since 1979, attaining charitable status in 1984.  Though London-based, the Company has many contributors who live, work and perform throughout the UK; and has successfully toured abroad, travelling as far afield as Australia, China and El Salvador.

We are inter-denominational; designing our shows to outreach further, making our

Springs Dance Company

work accessible to all age groups.  Whether watching as a member of an audience or interactively involved in a workshop the experience is energising, enjoyable and encourages a fresh viewpoint on the connections between faith and dance.

Our highly praised education programme enhances physical well-being; develops imagination and creative ideas; builds self-confidence and self-discipline; and improves communication and social skills.

Please do visit our website for full details of the range of opportunities we offer.

NEW for 2014

In addition, I particularly wish to draw attention to our latest production which will be launched in the New Year.  Honest, playful and challenging, INSIDE OUT engages using real stories about how the Christian faith is experienced today.  With new choreography by Suzannah McCreight, the dancers dive into the vibrant,

complex realities of faith, and emerge with a surprising mix of dance and theatre.  As the sounds of voices telling their stories are woven into the soundtrack, a rich collection of personal thoughts and experiences is unearthed.

Springs Dance Company

Inside Out aims to foster empathy between Christian communities and also commonalities between Christians and non-Christians alike.  It will be an opportunity for audiences to hear and see real-life experiences, testimonies and questions brought to life through dance.

People are very diverse and the possible ways of experiencing faith are equally so.  This is a show that will help the observer, whatever background they may have, to open up his or her mind to the diversity of people and faith all around us. This show aims to encourage open-mindedness, open-heartedness and dialogue.

We see performances and workshops are a great resource for a community not only to share special occasions but also offer the opportunity to create positive connections with other groups in and around your neighbourhood.  Please do get in touch for a friendly chat about how best to accommodate you and yours needs.

Nicole Young
Tour Booker
Direct Tel: 00 44 (0) 7905 220645
00 44 (0) 1634 817 523
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Springs Dance Company
65 John Kennedy Court
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