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Youth Work Summit

Posted on: October 2, 2012

On Saturday 18th May 2013 the ‘Youth Work Summit’ event returns again. This time it is taking place in the Midlands and tickets went on sale yesterday at the discount rate of £25 (for 2 weeks only).

I went to the youth work summit for the 1st time 2 years ago when it was held in Manchester and it was the best Youthwork event I have ever been to.

I get lots of invites to different events and usually half of the talks/seminars are things that interest me and about the same amount of those are actually engaging but the youthwork summit is completely different.

The format gives each speaker up to 15 minutes to share their idea/vision which means you get a concise, engaging talk that puts across the same points that would probably have been put across in an hour! The talks all focus around different things and by the end of the day your head is about ready to explode!

If you haven’t been before I recommend you check out the website, look at some previous talks and get yourself a ticket. The Youthwork Summit is one event not to be missed!