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  • Assembly your group in a circle and explain to the group that the aim of ninja is to protect your hands from being hit by other players.
  • Explain that everyone always takes a turn in the order that they are stood in at the start (even though as the game goes on people moved around)
  • Explain that when it’s your turn you can make one continuous move (could involve a jump, a retreat, moving one hand or all of the above but it must be continuous…e.g. Not two individual steps) to either attack another player or move your place.
  • You have to try and ‘get’ someone else’s hand with your hand during your move. If you succeed then that person’s hand is out.
  • You must stay still when it’s not your turn unless someone is going for your hand in which case, if you’re quick enough, you can move your hand out the way.
  • Once a player loses both of their hands they are out.
  • The game ends when only one person has any hands left.
  • Note: Once you’ve been round once the game works best if people remember when their go is and if they go straight after the previous person…this makes the game fast and fun! You may also sometimes need to encourage people into conflict if they spend the whole game retreating!