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The Camera Challenge

Warning: This challenge involves young people being out-and-about so pleasure insure you have at least 1 leader with each team and that you have parental permission for them to be out-and-about!

Instructions: Hand each group a disposable camera and give them the following list on paper:

In they’re groups young people must get photos of the following

Hugging a lampost
Wearing a hat of a stranger with the stranger in the photo
A group photo by an obscure object
A close up photo of a name badge from a member of staff in a shop
one of your group trying on an item of clothing in a shop (bonus points if it’s meant for the opposite sex!)
A crazy mad photo!
One group member and a stranger both pulling funny faces
One of the group kissing a stranger
one of the group in a meditation position on the pavement
A group of 4 strangers and 2 members of your group together
A group hug with a stranger in the centre of it
A wheel barrow race position by 2 of your group in the high street

Group leaders i.e. one in each group will be: Helen and Mark, teams made up from names written down in a hat kinda thing