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Woo! (Numbers Game)

This game sounds complicated but is really easy to pick up!

Young people sit in a horse-shoe and each person is numbered 1 to however many young people you have. Number 1 starts a rhythm that keeps going throughout the game and is done by everyone else.

This rhythm is started by that first person saying ‘Woo’ (as enthusiastically as possible) and then followed by the following (with everyone joining in)

1 – Slap both hands on knees
2 – Clap
3 – Click with left hand
4 – Click with right hand

On the first click person 1 says their number and on the 2nd click someone else’s number. E.g. Click 1 – 1, Click 2 – 4

The person whose number  is said then says their number on the first click as the rhythm continues and someone else’s on the 2nd. E.g Click 1 – 4, Click 2 – 3.

This process keeps going until one person either hesitates and misses their click or passes it back to the person who passed to them. That person then takes the last place in the circle and becomes whatever number that chair is. Everyone else then moves up a seat and takes the number of the person who was on the chair they were sat on.

(Note: if the 4th person in the horse-shoe messes up then the 1st, 2nd and 3rd people keep their numbers!)

The aim of the game is to become the first person!