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  • This game can be played sitting down or standing up.
  • In this game young people sit in a circle facing the middle.
  • Explain to the young people that you have a ‘yeehah’ that is passed around the circle. The direction it goes is determined by the direction your fist points.
  • When the yeehah gets to you you have a choice.
  • You can do a yeehah in the same direction (e.g. Continuing it around the circle) simply passes it to the next person.
  • OR you can do a ‘woah’ which involves holding up your hand in such a way that your palm would ‘absorb’ the yeehah (e.g. If the yeehah came from your right you would ‘woah’ with your left hand). This action sends the yeehah back in the opposite direction.
  • OR you can make a triangle above your head with both hands and say ‘hay barn’. This skips the next person.
  • A person is out this game if they get it wrong or hesitate for too long. Eventually you end up with a frantic 2 person final showdown.