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Banana Eating “Competition”

Items required: 2 young people who are ‘in on the game’, some scarves and some peeled bananas

Pre-prep – Before you start your event pick 2 young people to let in on this…tell them they when you ask for volunteers they need to put their hands up and pretend they don’t know what’s going on but when the competition starts they need to sit in the crowd.

The Game!

Ask for some volunteers (pick 1 genuine volunteer and the 2 young people who are in on it)

Explain to them that they will be taking part in a banana eating contest but will be blindfolded so they don’t know how they others are doing.

Sit the 3 volunteers down and blindfold them.

Then hand a plate of bananas to the genuine volunteer and pretend to hand a plate to the others.

Shout go and let the timer run for a couple of minutes…encourage the crowd to cheer for all 3 even though there’s actually only 1 volunteer sat their eating bananas.

Eventually announce they he has one and get him to take off the scarf only to notice that the 2 chairs next to him/her are empty