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Capture The Flag

This is a nice simple game and fantastic on residentials.

Equipment – Flags attached to poles (you can make these easily with material…they don’t even have to be fancy!), washing up cloths (the blue/white variety), enough for 1 per person, sports bibs or some way of separating teams.

Game Play

Each person has a cloth down the back of their trousers. It must be easy to remove (can’t be tied on) and must be visible (see image).

A tag can be removed by a member of the other team. It must be dropped and the person without a tag must then go to jail. They can be freed if someone from their team tags them. They must then get a new cloth from a leader.

No physical contact!

The aim of the game is to simply get the other team’s flag back to your base without losing your tag. The flag can be passed between team members but if a team member loses their tag the flag must return to its original base.

The flag at each team’s base must be visible and have no more than 2 guards.

That’s it! Nice and simple. You can play this for a while and keep scores, switch teams etc.

Map of Gameplay