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Required: a video of a baptism or a testimony from a leader, pens, paper and bibles

Session Outline: A session exploring why we should be baptised and what the bible has to say about it

Opening Discussion: Have you seen a baptism? What did you think of it?

Explain: This morning we’re going to have a think about baptism, it may be something you’ve thought about before, you may have even been baptised but let’s have a reminder of what this very wet Christian experience is all about!

Video: Watch a baptism video (if there’s a testimony even better)

Bible:    Read Mark 1:9-11

Ask: What was special about the baptism of Jesus?

Explain: The first reason we get baptised is because Jesus did, and for Him it symbolised the beginning of His time of ministry. We find the second reason to get baptised in Matthew

Bible:    Matthew 28: 16-20

Ask: What reason do we find here for being baptised?

Explain: Jesus tells His disciples to baptise people and baptism is something that many Christians have decided to do, in Acts we read about people being baptised too!

Ask: So what’s special about baptism?

Explain: (You’ll need to add/take away from this depending what the young people come up with)

Baptism has many symbols, one of them is that the physical act of     being immersed reminds us that Jesus died and was put in a tomb, often the baptistry is designed to look like an open grave. Being dunked symbolises that our old selves have been killed off.

Coming out the water shows that we have started a new life in Jesus…it’s like being raised from the dead.

Secondly being baptised does something! When we choose to be baptised it’s a public symbol of us acknowledging that we have made changes in our lives to put Jesus first, baptism represents the beginning of your life as a follower of Jesus. Many people say that when they were baptised something spiritual happened, perhaps not as dramatic as at the baptism of Jesus but still something dramatic!

Brainstorm: When do you think someone should be baptised?

Explain: The key to being baptised is not just believing in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit but about putting your faith in him, you might have had a set moment when you’ve prayed a prayer and given your life to Him or you might have grown up and gradually wandered into Christianity.

Ask yourself ‘Am I a Christian?’ (have some quiet time)

If you believe and trust in Jesus as the one who died to save you and rose again and are willing to give your life to Him and try your absolute best to passionately serve Him wherever you are then you’re ready to be baptised! Maybe baptism is that final step you need to say ‘Right from now on I’m gonna give my all to God’

To Close: Watch the baptism again (this time just the baptism) and encourage the young people to reflect if they’re in a place to get baptised, encourage them to think about it and if they’re interested talk to their leader or pastor.