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Daily Bread (God’s Provision)

A session exploring the things God provides for use, based on the Lords prayer

Suitable For Ages 11 upwards

Required: candles, paper, pens, a wooden cross, post-its and any other materials you may wish to use

Extra Files Needed (i.e. worksheets etc): Prayer Station Bible Verse – click to download

Session Plan

Note: This session is ideal for an event such as the 24 hour famine

Open:Who can remember the LORD’S prayer? (Someone to write it down on flip chart)

Ask: What does it mean by ‘give us today our daily bread?’

Read: Exodus 16: 1-26

Ask: What would it have meant for the Israelites to ask God for daily bread?

Explain: In this county we’re lucky because our daily bread is always provided, there’s always enough food to go around, we can pop into Tesco and buy whatever we need, this afternoon we’ll all be able to go into Asda and choose what we want to eat this evening, they’ll probably be plenty left over and I wonder if sometimes we forget that it’s God to provide for us and I hope that as we go on today and you get hungrier you can realise how much God actually provides for us.

Ask: When do you normally spend more time asking God for things? (when things are wrong, when you need things)

Ask: What have you had to trust God for before?

Explain: There’s always times when we need to trust God, the early disciples would have sold all their possessions.

Read: Acts 2: 22- end

Explain: The disciples would have had to rely so much on God, they had to rely that when travelling between places they’d be kept safe, they had to hope that people would put them up for the night and they had to hope that they’d get fed.

Prayer & Reflection We’re going to spend the next ten minutes or so just spending some time thanking God for all he does provide for us. There’s a selection of stations set up around the hall and just make your way around them.

Light Station – Light a candle whilst thinking about someone who shines in your life. Maybe a friend who’s always there or has helped you through a difficult time, maybe your mum or dad who’s always supportive or someone else. As you light the candle thank God for that person.

Trust – Here you can write down something you might be struggling with, whether it’s someone, something at school, home or a question about God write it down then pray about it, giving it to God

The Cross – Spend some time here reflecting upon what Jesus did, thanking him for his love.

Provision – Here you can thank God for the things he provides for us, on one of the cut out loaves write down some things you’re grateful to God for.

Prayer Wall – Use this wall to draw, write or do anything, use these drawings or words as prayers .

To finish you might like to gather people together and pray as a group to close