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Fairtrade Session (2013)

Equipment: Fairtrade banana, paper, pens, chocolate (Fairtrade), Hat, Dice, Scarf, Knife & Fork, Fairtrade Schools Action Guide 2013 (Click to download) Laptop, projector, speakers & Fairtrade ‘Go Further’ video (, bible verses (click to download)

Opening Game: Banana Pass Challenge – Have a Fairtrade banana and invite the group to pass it around the circle. They can’t drop it or talk but must aim for the quickest time (use a timer). After doing this a few times and hopefully beating the time peel the banana and repeat the game.

Introduction: Today we’re thinking about Fairtrade and if we think it’s a good thing or not and why. Who buys Fairtrade things? What do you buy? Is it a deliberate choice or do you just happen to like (say) Malteasers?

Brainstorm: What Fairtrade things can you get? (Make a list)

Game: Chocolate, Hat, Dice, Scarf – Young people take it in turns to roll the dice. If they get a six they must put on the hat, scarf and coat and can start eating the bar of chocolate using the knife and fork. When someone else gets a 6 they must stop eating and the new person must put on the clothing. The game continues until all the chocolate is eaten.

Explain: Chocolate and bananas are two common things we can get that are Fairtrade but there are lots of things we can get that are Fairtrade. In a nutshell Fairtrade is a simple logo that when found on our food, drink or clothes tells us that the people who produce the crops for our products have been looked after.

Story: From the Action Guide use page 4 and look through Chifundo’s story.

Ask: What do you think of the story? How has Fairtrade helped him?

Explain: Fairtrade has grown a lot since it began and part of it is because Christians and churches have got involved in promoting it. Lots of churches used to (and some still) have stalls selling Fairtrade items after services.

Ask: Why do you think Christians get involved in Fairtrade (both buying and promoting)? Should they and why?

Bible: One of the things Jesus spoke the most about the most was looking after the poor, justice and standing up for those without a voice. During His ministry Jesus looked after people who everyone else ignored…like the sick or others society rejected.

Read through the bible verses on the poor and discuss what they tell us about looking after people, what role Fairtrade has to play and what else we can do.

Video: Go Further Video from Fairtrade (

Challenge: Explain to the group that the more Fairtrade things we buy the bigger the demand for it there is and so more people can be helped. Explain that we can also e-mail, tweet, write to or write on the Facebook walls of our favourite companies asking them to make more things Fairtrade…we may even decide to commit to only buying Fairtrade of something in particular e.g. chocolate.

Prayer: Finish the session by praying for the poor and for God to give us opportunities to help them.