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From Angel to Devil

Note: This session was written after some young people requested to look at how Lucifer went from being an Angel to the Devil, although it briefly covers this question this session also focus’ on pride.

Ice Breaker: Ask each member to name something they’ve had to do that’s been uncomfortable for them (this game might be just that!!!)

Explain: We’ll come back to them later! Tonight we’re going to be looking at how the Devil got where he is today but also concentrating on the main problem that caused that fall and many of today’s problems.

Although the bible gives hints we don’t know everything about the fall, in fact we know very little, but first let’s see what the bible says.

Bible:    Isaiah 14: 12-20

Explain: Firstly the Hebrew word for morning star is translated as Lucifer in Latin which is where we get the name from!

Secondly this passage is essential a prophecy about Babylon although many people have interpreted the bit we read as being about the fall of Lucifer who was one of the ‘top’ Angels.

We also know he fell because Jesus talks about it…

Bible:     Luke 10: 17-20

Ask:    What does this passage tell us about the satan?

Explain: This passage from Jesus tells us that ultimately we have power over satan through Him.

Ask: Does anyone know why satan was forced to leave heaven?

Explain: Typically it is thought that satan fell from heaven because he thought he was better than God, let’s read the bible bit for it!

Bible:     Ezekiel 28:12-18

Explain: Some would suggest that although this is a prophecy against the King of Tyre the language goes beyond that of referring to a King and could be about Lucifer.

The bottom line with all of this is two fold, firstly satan fell and is working against God, working to turn our hearts away from Him, He tempted Eve in the garden of Eden and continues in his sneaky ways today.

Secondly he cannot win and hasn’t won, Jesus already has victory. The book of Revelation tells us of the final battle where he will be put in his place for good.

Bible:     Revelation 12: 1-12

Ask: How does knowing that God is ultimately victorious make you feel?

Does it raise any questions?

What do we need to learn from the whole story of satan?

Explain: The biggest problem in the whole story is pride, the problem of having a high opinion of ourselves. By all means we should like ourselves, after all we are lovingly made by God but we need to remember that we are not the most important person in the world (which satan didn’t). In the Luke passage we read earlier Jesus says to his disciples ‘However do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven’ reminding us that the glory should be Gods.

Ask: What sort of things does pride stop you from doing?

Do you think pride is a bad thing?

How can we find the in-between of not being too proud but at the same time not disliking ourselves?

Pray:    Close by praying for pride, praying for protection from temptation and confidence to turn down tempting things.