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God As Creator

A session exploring how we treat God

Suitable For Ages 11 upwards

Required: Rob Bell – Sex God (Book), paper, pens

Session Plan

Before the meeting write the following on a piece of paper/white board and make sure it’s clearly visible as the young people arrive

‘The way you treat the creation reflects how you feel about the creator’

has anyone ever made you anything? Have you ever made anything for anyone?

Rob Bell – Sex God page 27 – Read the story. Alternatively read them the quote you wrote down earlier

Read Genesis 1 (up to the end of creation) and Psalm 139

Explain to the group that from those readings we know that God created us and everything and that he loves it all.

Ask Ask the group to think about how, from that knowledge we should respond to the world around us. How should we respond to God’s creation?

Ask Ask the group to think about the phrase that’s written down, how does the way we feel about the creator reflect how we treat the creation?

Ask Ask the group to think back to the items that they said people had made for them earlier

Ask Ask the group to think about how that should effect how we react to others…even when they annoy us immensely.

Ask How did God’s actions to us show the creators commitment and love? (we put love and ourselves into our creation)

Ask the group to write their names down on paper, put all the names in a hat and have each member pull one out at random, not showing who they have. Challenge them to make something for that person before you meet next


Thank God for his creation, ask him to help us to treat it in a way that reflects how we feel about him