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Items needed: A way of playing music from CDs and iPods, projector and laptop for worship.

Session aim: To explore music, our favourite music and where God fits in.

Opening Activity: Invite those who’ve come armed with their favourite song to play a minute of it and briefly say why they like it.

Discussion: Ask the group ‘What is it you enjoy about music?’ What’s your favourite type of music? How does music make you feel? Does the content of our music influence us?

Do you think Jesus would enjoy those things you like about music?

Ask the group if they find God in their music? Any songs in particular? Why?

Group Worship: Explain that you’ll be using a couple of more contemporary songs for the worship and invite the group to join in singing or simply reflect on the words and the meaning for their life. Finish with Blessed be Your name (or another song your group knows well).

Use some more contemporary songs for worship that you could also use for worship…some ideas include Luke Leighfield – New Season, Paramore – We are Broken, Good Charlotte – Right where I belong, Mxpx – You make me me, Family Force 5 – Replace Me

Bible Focus (You could do this in small groups): 

Read Psalm 149:1-5 – What does this suggest about music?

Read Ephesians 5:19-20 – What is Paul’s motivation behind the music? (Thanks to God, devotion to him)  Does this need to be hymns?

Read Psalm 150

Ask the group what they think of the Psalm?

Read Acts 16: 25

Explain that in the bible music plays a huge part in worship and that the Psalms would have been songs. Of course it’s one of many ways to worship God but even now it’s still a big part of worship together.

Ask the group if they find music a helpful way to worship God? What music?

What is our attitude when we enjoy music and has anything from tonight suggested we need to change?

Prayer: Thank God for good music, Pray that we might able to look for God in the music we enjoy