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The Trinity

Items needed: bibles, 3 mars bars, pens, paper and the small group sheets (click to download)

Aims:    To explore the concept of the trinity and look at the roles of the different parts

Start the session with a game

Introduction:    Today we’re going to be exploring the trinity and the roles of the different part…but first a challenge!

Mars Bar Challenge: Have three mars bars and three volunteers tell each they can eat their mars but but only one part (caramel, noughet or chocolate)…see how they do!

Explain: The first thing we need to remember about the trinity is like the mars bar they are 3 in 1. Each part of the Trinity is very different yet you cannot separate one from the other, the same way you cannot just eat part of the mars bar.

Ask: So what are the three parts of the trinity? (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

Groups: Split into three groups and give each group a bible and the study sheets which give passages to help each group explore an aspect of the trinity.

Feedback: Bring the groups back together and feedback the different roles of the Trinity

Questions: Any questions?

Pray: Close by praying, thanking God the Father for Jesus and for sending his Holy Spirit